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Anita Evensen

Are you looking for compelling, well-written articles your customers will want to read and share? I have 4 years of experience writing the type of content you’re looking for, working with companies like Orange Soda, Scripted, and eFileCabinet.

My specialties lie in creating website content on the following topics:

Past Articles

5 Tips for Preparing to Write Your Novel

NaNoWriMo season will be here before you know it. But here is a little-known fact that you may not know: most writers who actually accomplish their goals during NaNoWriMo don’t start with a blank page on November 1. Does this mean writers cheat and start halfway into their book? No. But an experienced novel writer knows that it takes time to flesh out a story.


Why Your Customers May Not Trust You

Security leaks are rampant, and customers, not surprisingly, are becoming leery of anyone selling products or services online. Your customers need to know that you take security seriously. How exactly do you do it, and what do you communicate?


How to Finally Finish Your Novel

So many people – people that you might not even expect – have the beginning of a novel hidden somewhere in a drawer or closet. If this sounds like you, you need to get back to your writing desk (or kitchen table or coffee shop). You had something to say once and, chances are, you still do. Here are 5 steps to finally getting that novel done.


Why Women Choose Unassisted Childbirth

Unassisted childbirth is not new. Technically, women have been birthing this way for millennia. Unassisted childbirth happens when a mother gives birth without being attended by a medical professional. But intentional unassisted births are on the rise for several reasons...


How to Start Writing a Book: Use This Trick to Find the Time

Many people want to write, but can’t seem to find the time to do it.

Of course, you’re probably not one of those people, since you’re reading this article. But whether you’re writing a novel, nonfiction or magazine articles, it’s important to designate a considerable amount of your time to work on your craft.


Finding Time to Write is Never Easy

There are a lot of books about how to write. In fact, it seems that many authors want to teach aspiring authors how to replicate the craft. And while I think obeying rules of spelling and grammar is important, there is more to writing than following someone else’s advice. Ultimately, I think the biggest hurdle for writers is finding the time to write. At least that’s true for me.



The Unassisted Baby Website The Unassisted Baby Homepage

Women who plan on giving birth at home tend to do more research on pregnancy and childbirth than women who receive regular prenatal care from an OB/GYN. The Unassisted Baby Website compiles some of that informatin in one easy-to-find location. You can even print out your homebirth supply list and a birthing cheat sheet to help prepare for the big day.

The Unassisted Baby Website is full of valuable information to help you have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. You can find birth stories and additional resources covering natural pregnancy and childbirth.


Novelize Novelize Homepage

Novelize is an online tool developed for writing fiction. With Novelize, you can write your novel anywhere, keep your story details accessible, and stay on track and finally finish your novel. With Novelize, we keep distractions to a minimum to help you focus on writing and getting your book ready for publication.



The Unassisted Baby

The Unassisted Baby Cover Image

Women’s bodies are designed to handle pregnancy and childbirth without requiring medical assistance along the way. This book is a valuable resource for anyone planning to give birth unassisted. The Unassisted Baby teaches you how to:

  • Do your own prenatal care
  • Get ready for your homebirth
  • Recognize the signs of labor
  • Perform a newborn evaluation
  • Get a birth certificate for your baby
  • Take care of yourself postpartum

The Homebirth Baby

The Homebirth Baby Cover Image

Childbirth is natural. Women’s bodies are designed to go through pregnancy and childbirth without requiring a myriad of medical interventions. This book is a valuable resource for anyone planning to give birth at home. The Homebirth Baby includes lots of valuable how-to information, including:

  • How to Choose a midwife
  • What type of prenatal care you need
  • How to alleviate common pregnancy ailments
  • How to recognize the signs of labor
  • The process of labor and childbirth
  • How to take care of yourself postpartum
  • What your partner can do during labor and birth

The Busy Woman's Guide to Writing and Finishing a Novel

The Busy Woman's Guide to Writing and Finishing a Novel Cover Image

Do you want to write a book? What is keeping you from getting it done? Whether you’re busy at work, with the kids, or doing household chores, there is still enough time to write.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing and Finishing a Novel provides you with many different suggestions. It includes real-life strategies you can implement to stop procrastinating and get that novel done.


Love Remembered

Love Remembered Cover Image

When Kathy meets Bryan again after ten years of separation, a lot of old feelings come rushing back to her. Their old romance gets rekindled even though Bryan doesn’t have a place he calls home. Originally from England, he now travels the world making his living as a writer. As she spends more and more time with Bryan, Kathy knows that she's in trouble. But how can she trust him considering what happened in the past? As Bryan and Kathy start recognizing their true feelings for each other, they finally feel ready to face the past. Just then, Kathy sustains a head injury in a car accident. Consequently, she loses her memories of the last year. To make matters more complicated, Kathy finds out that she is pregnant, but she has no idea who the father is. Will she find her way back to the man who was her first love?



Praise for The Busy Woman's Guide

To sum up, there is a writer in every 'Busy Woman', but there is a need for someone to show you the way out and write your story. This book is the perfect friend, philosopher, guide you need in order to become an author."

Readings Writings Blog
Praise for The Unassisted Baby

Anita recently delivered the latest addition to the freebirth genre, The Unassisted Baby. This book is full of comprehensive information about eveything to do with freebirthing: why, how, when, before, and after! The Unassisted Baby tells you everything you need to know in order to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. Warmly recommended!"

Holistic Parenting Magazine
Praise for The Busy Woman's Guide

Anita Evensen shares 9 specific suggestions for writing if you have a baby and 20 different settings to ‘get you out of a rut.’ If you need help finding the time to write a book, then The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing and Finishing a Novel will be most beneficial."


Comino Magazine

Comino Magazine featured an interview with Anita Evensen on writing featuring The Busy Woman's Guide to Writing and Finishing a Novel. Anita talks about how she first discovered writing, what makes her writing different from others, and what gives her great pride in her work.


Eliza Gales Interviews

In this interview, Anita Evensen talks about what inspired her to write about unassisted childbirth, the advantages of giving birth unassisted, the misconceptions people have about unassisted childbirth, and the dangers of giving birth unassisted. Eliza asks the tough questions, and Anita provides honest answers.


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